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Satisfied Clients Rave!

People can't stop sharing good feedback about out services. Please have a look at all the client testimonials that we have received over the years.

Mr. Mario Ferraro

Director of Human Capital Consulting (S.E. Asia)

Deloitte Consulting

I was utterly impressed with the amount of learning that was achieved during the course. Dr James Leong's unique ability to teach complex topics in a way that is interesting, participative and easy to absorb, helped all of us student to assimilate many topics and put them into practice in our daily lives straight away.


 South-East Asia

Ms. Evelyn Lim

Transformation Coach. Mental Wellness and Self-Love Advocate. Accredited EFT Practitioner. Content Marketing Coach for Women Solopreneurs.

James is an expert in NLP and Enneagram, as well as executive coaching. As my trainer, he is professional, approachable and authentic, in addition to having a ton of knowledge and experience. 

He offers great value for his courses and programs and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a result-oriented coach or trainer.



Ms. Vaishnavi Honnavalli

Criminal Psychologist and Research Analyst

Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre

Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs

Learning about the Enneagram gave me a deeper insight into my innate habits and personal attitudes towards situations in life. It also taught me how I can step out of my personality type and explore/adopt traits from other personality types in order to improve myself.

I am better able to understand my relationship with others around me and accordingly respond to individuals or situations in a manner that would improve communication and understanding.

I see myself being better able to cope with challenging situations involving superiors or colleagues which would have previously been difficult to deal with.

James is a highly enthusiastic coach and goes to great lengths to make the course as comprehensive, entertaining and resourceful as possible. I have thoroughly enjoyed his course and look forward to future opportunities to learn more from him.



Ms. Joyce Teo

Senior Education Officer

Ministry of Education of Singapore

James is my professional coach in NLP. His course is in depth, featuring all aspects of Neuro- linguistic Programming (NLP), covering even Hypnosis and Enneagram types.  With the practical application of NLP techniques that were discussed and practiced during the course, I have truly benefitted from the course.  As a coach, he also linked me up to multiple networks, allowing me to build my business ideas through multiple partnerships.  Be it for self-help or for organizational success, he can be trusted for his knowledge and experience. Thank u James for your mentorship and guidance.



Mr. Thomas Lim


Singapore Changi Prison

I would like to thank James Leong for his genuine, sincere, and dedicated guidance over the last two years as a mentor, teacher, and a friend.  He is a very experienced and down-to-earth trainer who focused very much on practicality of what he teaches, instead of merely theory and fluff. James is one of the many great trainers I know who truly understands the importance of contextualization.  He makes the Enneagram very easy to understand and practical to apply for different individuals in various settings.

I attended the training by James and the overall experience was awesome.  The unique yet powerful combination of the Enneagram profiling, Emotional Intelligence, Business NLP, and Executive coaching, has provided me ample resources and confidence to go on to impact and inspire many people in my role as a counsellor, trainer, consultant, and coach.



Ms. Zihan Wang

EMBA-C AM in NUS Biz School | Business Strategist, People & Strategic Operations

2x Co-Founde.r

James is my respectable mentor of NLP and Enneagram. His professionalism and sageness left me deep impression and good influence on me. The method he taught was effective and a key to our unconscious mind. 

Stepping into the NLP world, I become more aware of my own feeling as well as how to better empower the whole team. In a nutshell, this is a great and fulfilled journey.


China and Singapore

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