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Successful Is About Making Life Meaningful

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"Dr James is a passionate trainer in the field of Enneagram and NLP, having great patience to support his students.

He is also a great collaborator, able to match your strengths with resources for your success. I would highly recommend James as trainer, coach and mentor."

Michael Kim

Vice President

Learning and

Development Centre at Overseas Bank

(Malaysia) Bhd

I was utterly impressed with the amount of learning that was achieved during the course. Dr James Leong's unique ability to teach complex topics in a way that is interesting, participative and easy to absorb, helped all of us student to assimilate many topics and put them into practice in our daily lives straight away."

Mario Ferraro

Mr. Mario Ferraro

Director of Human Capital Consulting (S.E. Asia) at Deloitte Consulting

"Dr James Leong consistently displays his deep understanding of NLP and Enneagram. 

He helps people to overcome their weaknesses and to find new strengths in themselves."

Fred Then

Director of Entrepreneurship Program at Nanyang Technological University’ NTU Ventures 

Who is Dr. James Leong?

Say the name James Leong, and chances are a high performer in your organization has attended one or more of his exciting training sessions in the last few years. 

With his in-depth understanding of the Neuroscience of Success, Dr. James has accelerated the success of top-level entrepreneurs and C-suite executives with his unique form of Peak Performance and Subconscious Mind Training globally. 

Dr. James' clients include Multi-National Corporations like the Volvo Group in India and China, KPMG, Deloitte Consulting, Singapore Armed Forces, Societe Generale Bank, Accuity (Subsidiary of Reed Business Information), ESIS Asia Pacific and many more.  

Our Popular Courses

Breakthrough Coaching With Dr. James Leong

Dr. James Leong has trained and coached more than 5000 C-suite executives in Singapore, China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and United States. He co-creates, puts into action, and manages proactive plans that are customized to the requirements of your leaders and in line with the greatest vision of your business.

Sales Motivational Speakers 

Delegates from all around the world are eager to have Dr. James and his elite team of Motivational Speakers do their magic as they takes the stage. With their vast experience and knowledge on the Psychology and Neuroscience of Selling, they have helped many sales professionals to achieve their sales targets.

Mastering Hypnotic Selling Techniques

Bypassing the conscious mind and accessing the subconscious is the technique of hypnotic selling. It enables you to know what your prospects really want. 

With mastery of hypnotic selling, you will get the job you desire, the promotion you want, or the person of your dreams.

Accelerate Your Sales With The Power of Neuroscience

Selling is a difficult but rewarding profession that requires a consistent mindset.  Neuroscience is a powerful achievement and success technology that can lay a strong foundation for the development of a resilient mind. This training will turn on the "turbocharger" within you, bringing out your inner motivation for long-term success.

Stress Relief With Hypnosis 

Do you find yourself becoming stressed on a regular basis?  Having inadequate willpower?  Do you have problems sleeping?  Or do you suffer from anxiety?

If you do, this course will help you overcome these issues easily with hypnosis.

Irresistible Confidence Power

This course will empower you to become a top performers in your field. You gradually increase and maintain higher levels of self-confidence in everything you do. 

Self-assurance allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and take risks with no guarantees. 

Level 1:

Practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis Course

Hypnosis is a changed state of awareness and increased relaxation that allows for improved focus and concentration.  This course gives our practitioners a solid foundation in hypnosis and the know-how to conduct hypnosis sessions for their clients all over the world via apps like Zoom.

Level 1:

Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Course 

NLP is a method of changing someone's disempowering thoughts and behaviors to help them achieve their goals. 

This course gives our practitioners the tools to empower and motivate their global clients via apps like Zoom .

Level 1:

Enneagram Practitioner Course

The Enneagram is a personality classification system that divides people into nine types, each having its own internal dynamics, anxieties, and motives. 

You will learn how to communicate more effectively with your colleagues with the Enneagram.

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