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Client Reviews

I'm Your Breakthrough Coach Dr. James

Founder of James Leong International

I've helped 2000 small and medium businesses achieve 6 figures in 90 to 120 days, with up to $50,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue.  My one and only goal to is to work with you and strategize a system that can take your business to the next level with insane profits. 

Here's more about me.. I am

  • One of the Master Trainers for the Nanyang Technological University's accredited Entrepreneurship "Business First" Program

  • The Management Consultant and Leadership Trainer with Multi-National Corporations such as Swire and Volvo

  • A Mental Resilience and Performance Coach to C-Suite Leaders and the Singapore Armed Forces 

  • A Trauma-Informed Coach and Hypnotherapist 

As space is limited for mentoring with me, and I don't always have openings, but if you're serious about changing your life, let's talk.

Doctor of Business Administration

Chartered Management Consultant

Master Trainer of NLP and Hypnotherapy

Enneagram Teacher

MBTI Trainer

Dr. James Leong

Mr. Warren Kok

General Manager

Singapore Paincare Centre

"As I have observed, James has included many finer details and distinctions such as careful ecology checks to ensure changes do not have adverse consequences. I am glad I took the time to partake of his deep knowledge on the matter and appreciate this guidance and coaching always, like a personal mentor."

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● Doctor of Business Administration from The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów

● Master of Business Administration from the “The Lord Ashcroft International Business School” at Anglia Ruskin University, UK

● Chartered Management Consultant and Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Consultants, USA

● Accredited Teacher of the Enneagram (International Enneagram Association, USA)

● NLP Master Trainer (NLP University, USA)

● NLP Trainer (American Board of NLP)

● Certified International Trainer of Hypnosis (National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards)

● Organizational Member with Accredited Training Provider Centre status (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists, UK)

● Certified Coach (ICF, USA)

● MBTI Trainer (CPP, USA)


2013: SME500 Award (Recognizing the top Business Luminaries in Singapore)

2014: Certification of Appreciation (Special Projects) from the Singapore Anti Narcotics Association


1) Doctoral Thesis (2020): The Enneagram as a Psychology-Based Framework for Self-Awareness in the High-Potential Leader Executive Education Programs

2) MBA Thesis (2010): A Comparative Study On The Relative Effectiveness Of Techniques In First Generation Neuro-Linguistic Programming And Third Generation Neuro-Linguistic Programming In Reducing Stress

Satisfied Clients Rave!

People can't stop sharing good feedback about out services. Please have a look at all the client testimonials that we have received over the years.

Mr. Mario Ferraro

Director of Human Capital Consulting (S.E. Asia)

Deloitte Consulting

I was utterly impressed with the amount of learning that was achieved during the course. Dr James Leong's unique ability to teach complex topics in a way that is interesting, participative and easy to absorb, helped all of us student to assimilate many topics and put them into practice in our daily lives straight away.


 South-East Asia

Ms. Wong Wei

Former Auditor

Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC)

Dr James Leong is a very attentive trainer and he is very thorough in making sure everyone knows what to do during our Hypnosis and NLP program.  I have watched him successfully help my course mates to quit smoking, adopt healthy eating behaviors, stop excessive indulgence like liquor, overcome phobias, and to manage their depression.  James makes hypnosis safe and fun for everyone.  



Ms. Carita Wong

Training and Mentoring therapists in Hawaiian Bodywork; Coaching and Empowering personal growth and well being with NLP; Supporting transformation with mindfulness and visualisation.

I had the privilege to have been part Dr James Leong’s Enneagram and NLP Executive Coach Accreditation Program.  It was one of the most rewarding and empowering training programs I’ve ever been on.  Dr James is a dynamic and inspiring coach who makes the program comes alive with his immense wealth of experience.  He’s able to show and explain clearly how the Enneagram and the NLP tools are able to help clients in practical yet profoundly effective ways.  We encourage our clients to be vulnerable; therefore, as coaches, we have to know first hand what vulnerability feels like. James demonstrated and exemplified this quality by sharing openly and authentically with us. This has helped to create an amazing synergy within the group making learning fun and accessible.  Within the program, there were always opportunities to apply our newly acquired skills and knowledge to help us gain confidence.  James also ensures that we are set up for success by taking the time, even post program, to follow up, answer any questions and advise us on how to market our offerings based on our individual needs and goals.  I completed the program feeling more equipped and excited to empower others to be the best version of themselves.  Most importantly, I have met myself at a much deeper level.  I highly recommend Dr James Leong and his result oriented trainings.



Ms. Murshidah Said

Co-Founder at Love & Respect Transforms Holdings Pte Ltd


James's workshop has brought not only an increase and awareness of myself but also led me to growing more income and visibility in my business as I got to learn how my mind works and use it to benefit my life and others.


 Singapore and Malaysia

Mr. Colin Koh

Acting General Manager & Head Skills Training

Air Transport Training College

I highly recommend James Leong for his Action-Based Learning Methodology. 

Everything that he taught in his Business NLP Practitioner Program can be applied immediately.  



Mr. Warren Kok

Managing Director, Rosett Asia

Principal Consultant

I learned an enormous deal of my NLP knowledge and skills from James Leong — including the many practical applications of NLP in Consulting and Executive Coaching.

As I have observed, James has included many finer details and distinctions such as careful ecology checks to ensure changes do not have adverse consequences.  I am glad I took the time to partake of his deep knowledge on the matter and appreciate this guidance and coaching always, like a personal mentor.

I'm confident his programs will help you think outside the box and apply the techniques to your own personal challenges too. He goes the extra mile!


Singapore and Vietnam

Ms. Vaishnavi Honnavalli

Criminal Psychologist and Research Analyst

Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre

Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs

Learning about the Enneagram gave me a deeper insight into my innate habits and personal attitudes towards situations in life. It also taught me how I can step out of my personality type and explore/adopt traits from other personality types in order to improve myself.

I am better able to understand my relationship with others around me and accordingly respond to individuals or situations in a manner that would improve communication and understanding.

I see myself being better able to cope with challenging situations involving superiors or colleagues which would have previously been difficult to deal with.

James is a highly enthusiastic coach and goes to great lengths to make the course as comprehensive, entertaining and resourceful as possible. I have thoroughly enjoyed his course and look forward to future opportunities to learn more from him.



Mr. Clancy Peiris

Attorney-at-Law, ACMA, FFA

Senior Learning Development Manager, CIMA, United Kingdom

Dr James Leong is a well‐read and powerful trainer who has the ability to excite and totally transform lives! 

The knowledge I’ve gained from James’ program has helped me to understand my inner world in greater depth and enabled me to enhanced my relationships and improve my performance as a lecturer in professional education!


United Kingdom

Mr. Thomas Lim


Singapore Changi Prison

I would like to thank James Leong for his genuine, sincere, and dedicated guidance over the last two years as a mentor, teacher, and a friend.  He is a very experienced and down-to-earth trainer who focused very much on practicality of what he teaches, instead of merely theory and fluff. James is one of the many great trainers I know who truly understands the importance of contextualization.  He makes the Enneagram very easy to understand and practical to apply for different individuals in various settings.

I attended the training by James and the overall experience was awesome.  The unique yet powerful combination of the Enneagram profiling, Emotional Intelligence, Business NLP, and Executive coaching, has provided me ample resources and confidence to go on to impact and inspire many people in my role as a counsellor, trainer, consultant, and coach.



Mr. Mark Adam Collins

Senior Airport Emergency Officer

Seletar Airport


I've known James for two years and taken his Business Enneagram Course and the advanced course. James has provided me with valuable insight into my own and other personality types.

Both the Enneagram courses were informative and were conducted in an environment where it felt easy to openly discuss about ourselves and learn from each other.

Each week of the program was different and you could feel yourself becoming more aware of yourself and your potential.  Both courses have helped with my work and personal life.  My job as a Senior Officer in the Airport Emergency Service, I was in charge of fourteen others. After taking the courses, I am able to better deal with my crew and to help them according to their type. James also taught me NLP techniques that I was able to implement during coaching sessions.

More importantly, I was able to learn about myself and discover my strengths and weaknesses of my type. I felt more at peace with the new found self-awareness of who I am, and how to get the best out of myself. For that, I owe a lot to James, and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an honest, experienced, and sometimes funny, Enneagram Coach to help them get the best out of themselves.



Ms. Joyce Teo

Senior Education Officer

Ministry of Education of Singapore

James is my professional coach in NLP. His course is in depth, featuring all aspects of Neuro- linguistic Programming (NLP), covering even Hypnosis and Enneagram types.  With the practical application of NLP techniques that were discussed and practiced during the course, I have truly benefitted from the course.  As a coach, he also linked me up to multiple networks, allowing me to build my business ideas through multiple partnerships.  Be it for self-help or for organizational success, he can be trusted for his knowledge and experience. Thank u James for your mentorship and guidance.



Mr. Lionel Ng


Dennis Wee Realty Pte Ltd

James is very passionate about interviewing every student and understanding their purpose for wanting to achieve from his course.  By doing so he would during his training, relate the topics to each student to fulfil our need to apply this new knowledge to our life.

I would not hesitate to consult James for any future projects and am pleased to say that he would be an asset to anyone who is currently lost or needed an extra helping hand to understand more about human characteristics through the Enneagram. He comes highly recommended from me and went beyond all expectations that I had.



Mr. Tanmoy Das

Scrum Master and Agile Coach

I have attended many workshops with world renowned speakers like Tony Robbins, T Hary Eker, Blair Singer, Stephen Pierce, Chris Howard, and Jack Canfield. 

None of these world class speakers combine NLP with Enneagram. That's the Unique Gift of James, once you are equipped with the knowledge you can apply it for either business partnership or finding your soul mate!!!



Ms. Evelyn Lim

Transformation Coach. Mental Wellness and Self-Love Advocate.  Accredited EFT Practitioner.  Content Marketing Coach for Women Solopreneurs.

James is an expert in NLP and Enneagram, as well as executive coaching.  As my trainer, he is professional, approachable and authentic, in addition to having a ton of knowledge and experience. 

He offers great value for his courses and programs and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a result-oriented coach or trainer.



Mr. Juan Ramirez

Business Partner Oceania Region / Senior Project Manager

Merial Australia Pty Ltd

(A division of Merck and Co., Inc.)

James, I want to thank you and your team for the excellent learning opportunity.  Understanding my Enneagram personality style and preferences during the Team Building Seminar has been most profoundly impactful!  Now I know how to draw out and maximize the strengths in myself and my colleagues.



Mr. Loh Wei Lee

General Manager

Head of IT (APAC)

The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited

I must hand it to James for being such a Great Coach and Trainer of NLP and Hypnotherapy. Thank you for creating the safe space for me and my course mates to transform.



Ms. Zihan Wang

EMBA-C AM in NUS Biz School | Business Strategist, People & Strategic Operations

2x Co-Founde.r

James is my respectable mentor of NLP and Enneagram. His professionalism and sageness left me deep impression and good influence on me. The method he taught was effective and a key to our unconscious mind. 

Stepping into the NLP world, I become more aware of my own feeling as well as how to better empower the whole team. In a nutshell, this is a great and fulfilled journey.


China and Singapore

Mr. Danny Here

Former General Manager

Synergy Worldwide (Malaysia and Singapore)

James Leong’s willingness and generosity to share his wealth of insights and sales experiences have made him a much sought-after trainer. 

He is indeed one of the BEST Sales Trainers and Success Coaches in Singapore!


Singapore and Malaysia

Ms. Cleo Seow

Natural Ultrasonic Homespa Distributor

James' strength in training global sales teams and restructuring of management styles has helped many executives and companies excel. His extraordinary ability to coach and consult with the Psychology of the Enneagram and NLP has made him a valuable asset to management level executives and companies too. James not only delivers results, he exceeds his clients’ expectations by empowering them to fully explore their own meaningful career paths forward. 

If you are looking for a safe space in which to navigate change, you must consider seeking a confidential consultation with James Leong.



Mr. Michael Kim

Vice President

Learning and

Development Centre,

United Overseas Bank

(Malaysia) Bhd

Dr James is a passionate trainer in the field of Enneagram and NLP, having great patience to support his students. He is also a great collaborator, able to match your strengths with resources for your success. 

I would highly recommend James as your trainer, coach and mentor.



Ms. Elaine Tan

Luminary Lead / Hypnotherapist /Trainer / NLP Executive Coach / Adult Educator / Speaker / Founder of Colours of Me Program and REACH Within Mindset @ Litmus Shades

Through Dr James Leong, I discovered the Psychology of the Enneagram and NLP. His program has opened up a whole new world of self-discovery for me! In his program, Dr James shared with us his vast coaching experiences; and his utilization of anecdotes in his facilitation is most enthralling. It was such a joy to attend his program as he'd always ensure we understand every aspect of his coaching methodologies, and he does so with such humor.  Dr James is a very approachable Master Trainer who gives his time freely and ensures there's always psychological safety for me and my fellow participants to ask him any questions that's on our minds. I am delighted and proud to have been his student; and he, my mentor.  Thank you James!



Ms. Adeline Tan

Trainer, Learning & Development at TDCX

When it comes to NLP and Enneagram Coaching, James does it better than any other coaches in the similar area.  James is some one who is very meticulous and very real in the sense that when you have any issues, you can ask him any thing, anytime anywhere.

He will reply you in his earliest convenience.  I am glad that I had selected him as my coach and to be able to learn under him is my honor.  Thank you James!



Mr. Ozbay Memet

HR Manager,

Natural Beauty Resources

Our company recently engaged James to deliver a personalized NLP sales training course to our group of beauty sales consultants.  As we needed something a bit more specific to suit our industry requirements, James was successfully able to tailor and deliver a course in a very short turnaround time that was thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking at the same time.

His ability to engage with our staff and show them how to harness the power of NLP techniques has provided our team with special string to add to their sales bow in order to be more effective in their everyday work lives.  If you are looking for someone to help your sales team to increase their effectiveness and energize their potential, then I would highly recommend James Leong's NLP sales training and other relevant courses.



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