Dr Stephen Covey’s Teachings About Spirituality and the Enneagram

In his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, Dr Stephen Covey talked about how each person is made up of 4 major parts: Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit.


He believes that when the Heart, Mind and Body are aligned, that’s when we are able to find Meaning in what we do and to Make Lives Better for those around us… And that’s Spirituality.


Interestingly, in the Psychology of the Enneagram Types, there are also three centers of intelligence: Mind, Heart, and Body.  And the Enneagram is an amazing tool for aligning our Mind, Body and Heart to create lives that are more balanced.  When making Life-Changing Decisions, Practitioners of the Enneagram are instructed to not only check only with their minds, but also with the intelligence of the heart and body.  No decision is to be made until all these three intelligences are in agreement.


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