You only pay for our “Business NLP Practitioner Program” and you will get the rest of the 5 programs here at No Additional Cost!

Our 6-in-1 “Business NLP Practitioner Program” is Singapore’s Longest Running of it’s kind… Not only do we cover the latest Third Generation NLP Syllabus, our program includes the Globally Accredited Enneagram Executive Coach Program (and two additional certifications).  Call 90486062 now to find out more.

Get 60% Cash Payout for your NLP Programs under the Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme when sponsored by your company.  Call 90486062 now for more details.


Course Schedule:

17 to 18 March 2018, 9am to 9pm

24 to 25 March 2018, 9am to 9pm

31 March to 1 April 2018, 9am to 9pm

Between the training modules, this program includes 30 hours of Live Coaching and assessment, and Written Assignments.

Total: 120 hours (we adhere to NLP University’s 120 training hours)


Upon successful completion of this program, you’ll be awarded the following certificates…

  1. Practitioner of Business NLP
  2. Trainer in Team Development with the Enneagram Certificate
  3. Enneagram Executive Coach and Administrator Certificate
  4. Executive NLP Coach Certificate
  5. NLP Certificate in Emotional Intelligence
  6. Excellerated Life CoachTM Certificate


Yes!  I want to take advantage of the Special Early Bird Fee and Enroll Now! 

    The Total Value of this 6-in-1 Program is worth $8000!

Credit card (begin)

Yes! I want to enroll now!
My name is

Credit card (end)

You will be trained by two of Asia’s Best Certified NLP Master Trainers James Leong (MBA, Chartered Management Consultant) and Lance Ong!


Promising SME 500 2013 Logo White Background


IEA Teacher (no date)



Training Venue:

5 Purvis Street.  #02-07.

Singapore 188584

Please click here for map of the building.  Nearest train station is Bugis MRT


















Testimonials from our Graduates

“Thanks James for teaching me the best NLP practices and The Enneagram.  I am adapting it into many training programs and never forget to tell others where i learnt it from.

Mr Andrew Chow, Social Media Strategist

Past President of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS)

Spirit of Enterprise 2008 Winner

Successful Entrepreneur Award Winner 2010

Founder of IDEAMART (S) Pte Ltd


“NLP and the Enneagram is the essence of Life and Success!  I have attended this program conducted by Mr James Leong and I have enjoyed and learn a lot from him.  In anything that you do, before you can try to understand others, first you gotta understand yourself.  Go for his program and I am sure you will benefit much from it!”.

Mr Lionel Ng, Division Director

Dennis Wee Group

 . ..
Evelyn Lim

“Thank you James!  Your passion with NLP and Enneagram inspires me. Thank you for leading the way!”

Ms Evelyn Lim, Enneagram Executive Coach
Founder of Abundance Tapestry



“I was utterly impressed with the amount of learning that was achieved during the course.  James Leong’s unique ability to teach complex topics in a way that is interesting, participative and easy to absorb, helped all of us student to assimilate many topics and put them into practice in our daily lives straight away.”

Mr. Mario Ferraro,
Director, Human Capital Consulting (S.E. Asia)
Deloitte Consulting

James with Mario Ferraro, Former General Manager - International Human Resources at International SOS


NLP Master Trainer James Leong sharing the Psychology of the Enneagram and NLP at the Singapore Management University

NLP Master Trainer James Leong sharing the Psychology of the Enneagram and NLP at the Singapore Management University


It’s time to Expose the Marketing Hype!

The truth is NLP training, as a field, is totally unregulated anywhere in the world!  There is NO official government certification standard, duration of training or levels of competency, and certainly no official course content.  Unknown to those outside the NLP Community, most of the NLP certification boards/associations in USA and UK are founded by NLP Trainers who want to appear more credible.  

Also a number of such NLP associations and societies are set up by individuals with fake doctorate degrees from diploma mills!  Just visit this website and you’ll be stunned by the huge number of fake doctors out there and their dubious certification bodies

Always make sure these certifying boards or associations are founded by trainers with real doctorate degrees before parting with your hard earned money — You just have to google the words “fake doctorate” together with the trainer’s name and you will see what we mean.  Another even possess a Doctorate (PhD) in Hypnosis… There is no such doctorate!  And he’s running three entities to accredit unsuspecting trainer-wannabes in NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline!  

Then there are others who conduct NLP Practitioner Program that is SHORTER than 70 contact hours and yet charging more than USD$2000 per student!  And these programs are cleverly promoted as “Accelerated” programs.  The most preposterous thing is that some of these “NLP Trainers” are certified through online programs with no face-to-face training!

Right now, because there are no governmental bodies regulating the standards of NLP worldwide, you could conduct a 1-hour seminar on the best approach to sell your old school textbooks and call that NLP Practitioner training and no one could stop you!

We have Raised the Bar again!

However we, at James Leong International, have stayed away from such dubious NLP certification boards/associations all this while, and our 120-hour program includes the International Enneagram Association Accredited Enneagram Executive Coach Program (the FIRST program outside USA to be accredited by the renowned International Enneagram Association).  

A word of caution… After we have started to incorporate the Enneagram into our Business NLP Practitioner Program, many other trainers have followed suit!  Please make sure the Enneagram Programs they are offering are accredited by the International Enneagram Association.



Latest Third Generation NLP Technology + Organizational Psychology + Executive Coaching + MBA Business Models + Psychology of the Enneagram

Our NLP Master Trainer James Leong, with his wealth of Corporate experience and strong academic background, has helped numerous professionals, senior executives and business owners to excel and to achieve a healthy work-life balance in their organization.

While many NLP Trainers are merely promoting the same old NLP techniques from the 1980s, our NLP Master Trainer James Leong has always stayed on the forefront of NLP, Psychology of the Enneagram, Organizational Psychology, as well as Executive and Life Coaching.  Most importantly, he has incorporated all these Powerful Technologies into his distinct form of Business NLP!


The Gold Standard 120-hour Business NLP Program in Singapore!

“Four-in-One Certification”


James with Malaysian Astronaut Datuk Dr Sheikh

NLP Master Trainer James Leong with Malaysian Astronaut Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar



Upon completion of the Comprehensive 120-hour program, you will be awarded the following…


1) Practitioner of Business NLP Winston Yap Testimonial
2) Enneagram Executive Coach
  and Administrator Certificate
3)  Executive NLP Coach Certificate
4)  NLP Certificate in Emotional
5) Trainer in Team Development  
  with the Enneagram Certificate
6) Executive Life CoachTM   



Before you part with your hard-earned money, request to meet our Lead Trainer James Leong over a cup of tea/coffee and SCRUTINIZE his highest qualifications, trainer’s credentials, corporate experiences and course materials.  Find out what are his mission and vision, and what he and his team of competent associate trainers are prepared to do to mentor you!

And most importantly, ask him all the tough questions!

.Mario Ferraro Testimonial..

SMALL CLASS SIZE!  This program is limited to ONLY 16 participants per class for maximum impact and impartation of Business NLP skills, Organizational Psychology, and Life and Executive Coaching
When most institutes and NLP Trainers out there are touting shorter and shorter days programs with MORE THAN 25 participants in a class, you’ll be glad to know we will NEVER compromise the quality of the training at your expense!
Ask yourself these questions…
“With more than 25 participants in a class, just how much time can the trainer honestly spend with me?”
“Am I getting the value that I am paying for?”


When most trainers rent function rooms only when they can gather enough students, we operate our Business NLP Singapore Academy full-time from our fully furnished centre… We are committed to your success!


“Top Up” your NLP Practitioner qualification to a “BUSINESS NLP Practitioner” and “Executive NLP Coach” in Singapore…


More and more the “Business NLP Practitioner” qualification is being seen as “Must Have” for people’s CV’s…


The Business NLP Practitioner and Executive NLP Coach Professional Certification Training

. Our NLP Master Trainer, James Leong, is the First in the World to complete a MBA Dissertation on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Enneagram Personality Profiling System. .
In his dissertation are the results (from objective Controlled Experiments) and statistics to scientifically validate the efficacy of Third Generation NLP in alleviating in alleviating stress of the 9 Enneagram Types. 
 . James with Eugene Loh James Leong with Eugene Loh of 93.8 LIVE
James Leong International offers a Four-in-One Certification Program with Two Years of Skill-Building and Mentoring Privilege!   .
James is also well regarded as an expert in Leadership and the Psychology of the Enneagram by the media, which explains his regular appearance on both Malaysia’s BFM 89.9 The Business Station and Singapore’s 93.8 LIVE.

James with RealStar AgentsNLP Master Trainer James Leong training the Real Estate Sales Professionals 

James Leong with his teachers NLP Co-Developer Robert Dilts and Deborah Bacon-Dilts at NLP University


Integrating the powerful Enneagram Personality Profiling System used by the CIA and FBI, James Leong International’s Third Generation NLP Business Practitioner is an Intensive Course designed to provide professionals and trainers with the most powerful behavioral tools available today for understanding and influencing people, and performing at their best.

Developed by Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier (Co-Developers of NLP), “Third Generation NLP” is the latest advancement in the evolution of NLP.   The NEW “Third Generation NLP” emphasizes whole system change and is highly applicable to organizational and cultural development as well as to individuals and teams.


“The Enneagram is one of the most efficient and human systems for reaching the compassion and leadership needed in business today.”

~ Professor Michael Ray, Stanford Business School


“NLP has metamorphosed into an ALL-PURPOSE self-improvement program and technology.”

~ TIME Magazine


Before you part with your hard-earned money, demand to preview the Training Manuals, Materials and PowerPoint Slides!

Meet the Lead Trainer over a cup of tea/coffee and SCRUTINIZE his high academic qualifications, professional experiences, training credentials, and course materials.  Find out what are his mission and vision, and what he is prepared to do to mentor you!  And most importantly, ask him all the tough questions!


What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of how we think, feel and act, marked by an intense curiosity about how (rather than why) human beings get the results they do – This activity is called “Modeling” and is a key feature that distinguishes NLP from psychology.

The founding fathers, Richard Bandler, a mathematician with a strong interest in psychotherapy, and Dr. John Grinder, an accomplished professor of linguistics, developed NLP in the mid 1970s.

NLP incorporates insights from behavioral and Gestalt psychology, family therapy, hypnotherapy, linguistics, information theory and anthropology, among many other disciplines.

Before joining the education profession, Dr. Grinder had worked as a specialist CIA operative in the Middle East, where he used his expert knowledge of linguistics to gather sensitive intelligence from Arabic speaking communities. After co-developing NLP with Dr. Grinder, Bandler did some highly sensitive work for the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) — he trained potential hostages to withstand torture and interrogation using the power of the subconscious mind.  Bandler also did work for the Israeli Commandos, and the US Army weapons training branch.


Modeling Excellence

Unlike some other schools of psychotherapeutic thought, which concentrate on how problems arise, NLP started from studying people who are exceptionally good at what they do, and works at finding out how they do it so anyone can get similar results by performing the same strategy and behavior.

NLP aimed to move beyond Remedial Change (fixing problems) to Generative Change, which empowers you to achieve more in every area of your life. Often people find that when they learn a new skill or make a breakthrough in one area of their life, problems in other areas seem to disappear or seem less important.

 For enquires and registration, please call our center at: (+65) 68370385
 or contact James Leong at (+65) 90486062 Email:


What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram Personality Style Indicator presents an organized system that describes the nine core personality styles that human beings tend to favor. The Enneagram’s description of these styles is profound, comprehensive, and penetrating. Newcomers to this system are often stunned to discover accurate portraits of themselves, their friends, relatives and coworkers.


Course participants analyzing their Enneagram type with NLP Master Trainer James Leong

 . Among the organizations making use of the Enneagram are
    1. Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.)
    2. Walt Disney Company
    3. Silicon Graphics
    4. Motorola
    5. Philips Electronics
    6. Federal Reserve Bank, and
    7. Major New York head-hunting firms




In fact, the Enneagram is such a powerful diagnostic tool that it truthfully reveals your core issues, key motivations, and hidden fears!

The NLP-Enneagram Advantage

The Certified NLP Business Practitioner and Executive NLP Coaching Program combines the sacred psychology of the Enneagram with the modern psychology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  This is the most powerful NLP Course in Singapore and Asia!
The Enneagram gives the ability to identify the thread of challenge and potential that characterizes each one of the nine fundamental personality types.  This adds precision to NLP interventions because the coach is now able to guide his client to full integration along his Enneagram path.  Also, unlike conventional NLP programs which offer a One-Size-Fits-All template to success, we will firstly help you to identify your unique Enneagram Personality Type and then proceed to help you customize NLP to your Personality Type!
NLP also offers specific patterns and skills that deepen insight and make human communication more precise.  This ties in perfectly with the Enneagram, which is an exceptionally powerful tool to understand another’s point of view through their hidden fears and motivations, as well as ones own core beliefs and blind spots.  Thus the integration with NLP tools gives you a far more potent and lasting change.
Our NLP Course also incorporates strategies and practical skills on how to market your own successful coaching practice.  Thus, many of our graduates are able to earn back their school fees within 6 to 10 coaching clients!
Mid-Day Energizer Routine

“Mid-Day Energizer Routine”


“(NLP) does offer the potential for making changes without the usual agony that accompanies these phenomena. . . Thus it affords the opportunity to gain flexibility, creativity, and greater freedom of action than most of us now know. “

~ Training and Development Journal



In this NLP Course, you will learn Powerful Methodologies and Strategies that will allow you to:


Identify and communicate effectively with each of the nine personality types


Deconstruct personalities to understand people from the inside out


Adjust your physiology to influence others and yourself


Use NLP to attain rapport with anyone


Learn how advertisers creatively use the NLP SWISH Pattern, Submodalities and Anchoring to get consumers to buy more of their services/products, and how you can utilize these learnings to your advantage


Utilize the Power of Ericksonian Hypnotic language patterns (Conversational Hypnosis) to be even more persuasive


Structure powerful win-win negotiations


Accomplish your goals with speed and precision according to your unique personality type


How to use Omni-Directional Chunking for Project Management and to organize your life


Gain the passionate assistance of others in the common pursuit of your goals


Enhance the morale and loyalty of those around you


Get into the heads of the world’s most successful people faster than ever before in order to accelerate your success


Testimonial from Mr Lionel Ng

President, Dennis Wee Group

(Please click to enlarge)

Testimonial from Lionel Ng, President of DWG (1)



Understanding the Different Personality Types and How To Motivate Your Team Members


Help individuals and business organizations achieve extraordinary results


How To Be A Role Model For Others: Be The Leader You Want Others To Draw Inspiration From


Achieve total control over any emotional state at any time through techniques such as Resource Anchoring and Emotional State Control for yourself and others


Help people destroy limiting decisions such as “I can’t make a lot of money,” “I can’t have a great relationship” or “I’ll never reach my ideal weight” using the latest and More Advanced form of NLP Timelining called “Quantum Timeline Empowerment ©”.   Quantum Timeline Empowerment adds current research that also makes the technology relevant to the business context, and not just self-help.  This is because business requires a much more varied approach than personal development or psychotherapy.  Our NLP Master Trainer James Leong has made vast improvements to the traditional NLP Timelining techniques by innovating different methodologies that are suitable for the different personality types and contexts


How To Model The Business Genius of British Mogul Sir Richard Branson


How To Be A More Effective and Charismatic Trainer


Community Leadership and Social Change with NLP


Certification as a Practitioner of Business NLP gives you the technologies most relevant to:

  • Coaching
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Personal Transformation
  • Organizational Development

( Please scroll down for the Course Schedule )

Lance leading Kah Beng through a Hypnotic Revivication Process

Lance leads Kah Beng through a hypnotic process to bring past memories back to life


The combination of Third Generation NLP and Enneagram will give you the “source code” for your own mental programming. So it’s like having the source code for your favorite software, you’re now able to upgrade programs that are working for you, and rewrite those that are outdated or less useful. Think about being able to program yourself for excellence when and where you want it.

Our program utilizes advanced Accelerated Learning Strategies developed by Dr. Georgi Lozanov, not only will you learn faster, you will also be able to accelerate the understanding and retention of your newly acquired skills.


This certification training exceeds the standards of the following prestigious NLP institutes:

1) NLP University (NLPU, USA)
2) Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP, UK)
3) International Business Personal Development Association
4) All major NLP bodies and institutes

Your NLP Certification has Worldwide Recognition.


5 Purvis Street.  #02-07.  Singapore 188584

(Please click here for map of the building.  Nearest train station is Bugis MRT)



 For enquires and registration, please call our center at: (+65) 68370385
 or contact James Leong at (+65) 90486062 Email:


Group discussion

Intensive Group Discussions

Designed for people from all walks of life, this intensive Business NLP Practitioner & Executive NLP Coaching Certification ensures that you’ll be able to instantly add these behavior-based methods and skills to your daily life and to help others create success.

James Leong International is the first in Asia to offer the Business NLP Practitioner & Executive NLP Coaching Certification Program. Save Thousands of $$$ by doing this INTERNATIONAL Certification locally!!!

Take advantage of this great saving today! Remember, our NLP program includes an invaluable personality reading system.  To attend an Enneagram workshop separately would cost a few more thousands!


Who Should Attend?

This Program is for you if you want to:

1. Gain the competency of an outstanding Motivational Executive and Leader
2. Achieve greater professional success
3. Be a Dynamic Team Leader
4. Increase the love, respect, and support in your relationships
5. Evolve as an individual
6. Learn things more quickly and retain your knowledge longer.
7. Express yourself more clearly and better persuade others to see your point of view
8. Communicate and build rapport with anyone in any situation
9. Help your children succeed in school, sports, and friendships
10. Assist others in overcoming mental blocks that limit their success
11. Learn and adopt the proven techniques used by the world’s most successful people
12. Discover the way to accomplish any goal you set and have fun doing it


What Makes This Program Unique

Besides being recognized by leading authorities in NLP – Our Business NLP Practitioner & Business NLP Master Practitioner Certification Trainings are accepted by the American Board of NLP, NLP University, Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, International Business Personal Development Association – We are the only Business NLP and Executive NLP Coaching Institute in the world to:

1. We reveal EVERYTHING you need to know to build a coaching business!  
  At James Leong International, we’re committed to your long-term success as an NLP Business Practitioner and Executive NLP Coach, so we teach everything you need to know about NLP and how to promote your coaching business
2. Step-by-step framework 
  We provide a step-by-step framework to help you succeed according to your Enneagram personality type.  The way our trainers talk to you is also catered to your personality type. Over here, you will always be treated as our valued student
3. Latest Third Generation NLP
  We offer the Latest Third Generation NLP – Our NLP Master Trainers James Leong and Lance Ong are certified by the Co-Developer of NLP Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier in this Unique Advancement of NLP Modeling Technology
4. Be Assured of Quality Attention by our Three Master Trainers
  We have a compact class size of 12 – 16 students.  Our trainers will answer every one of your questions in person, and tell you exactly what you need to know
5. Refresher Courses
  You can drop in any time to repeat the program for a nominal fee (Refresher is FREE for 1 year from the date you graduate from the program).   


We are dedicated to providing our graduates a warm, inviting and conducive environment where they can grow and find support.  Here’s the latest testimonial from our graduate, Andrew Chow, Spirit of Enterprise 2008 Winner:

“For those of you who wish to master NLP and Life Coaching, please contact James Leong International.  They are the Best Teachers of Life Coaching in Singapore today!”

~ Andrew Chow, “Spirit of Enterprise 2008 Winner” and “Successful Entrepreneur Award Winner 2010”

Successful training takes more than putting you in a classroom and hoping that you will learn, absorb, and retain the material that’s presented. Getting results goes beyond the effective delivery of training – It means that you will understand how the training is relevant to your work and in your personal life and are able to apply these new skills. Most importantly, you are able to effect a positive transformation in yourself, your loved ones, and your fellow colleagues.


What Others Say…

Dr James Leong with Professor Patrick Chan

“James Leong is indeed the Master Coach! He unleashed the hidden awesome power within all of us and empowered each and every one of us with a compelling future of limitless possibilities. The ‘Certified NLP Practitioner And Life Coaching Program’ has equipped me with the NLP tools to unleash my creativity and insights. And on top of that, the program has also improved my human relationships as well as helped me Create A New Income Source as a Life Coach! I give the program FIVE STARS for fun and effectiveness, not only for the changes it has made in my business but also in my personal life. The ‘Certified NLP Practitioner And Life Coaching Program’ by James Leong is Truly Life Changing!”

Professor Patrick Chan (NTU)


James and Clancy

“James Leong is a well-read and powerful trainer who has the ability to excite and totally transform lives! His skill in relating NLP to the business world as well as his magical ability to build and maintain rapport impresses me immensely. The knowledge I’ve gained from James Leong’s program has helped me to understand my inner world in greater depth and enabled me to enhanced my relationships as well as improve my performance as a lecturer in professional education!”

Clancy Peiris, Attorney-at-Law, ACMA, FFA


Lance Teaching

Be a Coach and Lead People to Personal Evolution

“Coaching has become a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry.” 

~ The Globe and Mail

“Coaching is… The Number One Home-Based Profession.” 

~ Start-Up Magazine

“Inside every successful business person is an even more ambitious one trying to get out. He or she just needs a little help from a coach.”

~ Australian Financial Review


Investment to Become an Business NLP Practitioner and Executive NLP Coach:

1) Save Thousands of $$$ by doing this World Recognized NLP Certification in Singapore! (Call 90486062 now to find out more!)

2) BONUS: You can enroll one member of your immediate family at a DISCOUNT (Call 90486062 now to find out more!)

A member of the immediate family means either:

(A) Husband or wife (Please provide a copy of your marriage certificate as proof),
(B) Son or daughter (Must be at least 17 years of age)
(C) Brother or sister

3) Registrations will only be confirmed upon payment. There will be no refund for cancellations.  However, replacements are welcome.

4) This workshop is limited to ONLY 16 participants per class for maximum impact and impartation of Business NLP skills, techniques, and Life and Executive Coaching.  It’s the ideal size for an entire team to attend together for maximum bonding.

5) The organizer reserves the right to make any amendment and/or change to the seminar programme, venue, trainer replacement and topics, if warranted by circumstances beyond their control.


About Your Trainer James Leong

Promising SME 500 2013 Logo White Background

James signing SME Board

NLP Master Trainer James Leong

. Master of Business Administration (Merit)
SME500 Award Winner
Master Trainer of NLP
(Systemic, NLP New Coding and Third Generation NLP)
 NLP University, USA
Chartered Management Consultant
Accredited IEA Enneagram Teacher
Professional Member of The International Enneagram Association (IEA), USA
Gestalt Coach
(Personally trained by Dr Claudio Naranjo, one of the three successors of Gestalt Therapy named by Dr Fritz Perls, Founder of Gestalt Therapy)
LAB Profile Practitioner
Director and Co-Founder of CJ Empowerment Pte Ltd
 (A Ministry of Manpower Licensed Employment Agency)


James Leong with the Father of the Enneagram Dr Claudio Naranjo

James with Dr Naranjo

James Leong is also personally trained by the eminent Dr Claudio Naranjo, Father of the Modern Enneagram. .
Dr Naranjo is a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, and Visiting Fulbright Scholar at Harvard University’s Center for Studies of Personality in 1962.  He is also one of the three successors named by Dr Fritz Perls (Founder of Gestalt Therapy).




James Leong is also trained by Dr Ginger Lapid-Bogda in the Applications of the Enneagram in Business Leadership Development

James Leong with Dr Ginger Lapid-Bogda


. Lance Ong Portrait

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology

University of Melbourne

Master Trainer in NLP
(Systemic and NLP New Coding, Third Generation NLP)
 NLP University

Certified in Coaching and Modeling with NLP

(NLP University)

Diploma in Marketing

.Member of the NLP Global Training Consultancy 0f NLP University

(Since Year 2000)


.Co-Developer of the 

Excellerated Life Coaching Program

Lance enables his clients (in Singapore and Australia) to better understand and manage their professional and personal lives. By coaching his clients on how to develop sound life strategies, enhance their interpersonal communication skills, and effectively analyze and understand personal choices, he guides his clients to reach their fullest potentials.

To date, he has helped many individuals and couples overcome their limitations through his private practice.

“Lance’s Coaching Made
Me Believe in Myself…”

“I came into this session not believing that I will be able to fulfill my life’s purpose. However, Lance’s coaching made me believe in myself, believe in my goals and more importantly equipped me with the skills to take that step into the future. He reaffirmed my beliefs and gave me the push I need to work towards my goals.”  ~  Wu Si Hao, Singapore Naval Officer

Lance has also studied extensively with luminaries in the fields of NLP and Modeling like Robert Dilts, associate professor at the ISVOR Fiat School of Management and the Founder of NLP University.  His other teachers include the Co-Developers and Luminaries of NLP such as Suzi Smith (Developer of and Trainer in the NLP Health Certification Training), Judith Delozier, and Dr. Sid Jacobson (Master Trainer of Ericksonian Hypnosis).

Lance and Robert Dilts

Lance learned Systemic NLP directly from Professor Robert Dilts, Judith Delozier, and Deborah Bacon Dilts in Santa Cruz, California. Some of the schools and businesses Lance has conducted workshops and training programs for are:

  1. Singapore Armed Forces
  2. Republic Polytechnic
  3. Singapore Polytechnic
  4. Temasek Polytechnic
  5. Asia Pacific Breweries (Tiger Beer)
  6. Yokogawa Corporation
  7. Singapore Social Development Unit
  8. Mind Sports Organization



For enquires and registration, please give James Leong a call at (+65)90486062


James Leong International LLP

5 Purvis Street.  #02-07.  Singapore 188584

Please click here for map of the building.  Nearest train station is Bugis MRT



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Note: “Quantum Timeline Empowerment” is copyrighted by James Leong International LLP (2009 to 2011)

** For our Enneagram Executive Coach and Administrator Certificate