How to Vote Wisely 

Rather than tell us to “Vote Wisely” (with all the obvious “vote for whoever said this” metamessage), here are some Good Guidelines by Archbishop William Goh on How to pick the right party/candidate in tomorrow’s election.  In the study of NLP, there’s a lot of emphasis on the “How To” to model others who successful, in other words, how to be more successful in whatever we do!

So if you want people to be successful, don’t just tell people to do something, share with them how to go about doing it well.  These questions by the Archbishop will cause us to “metacognitize” or think through and decide who is the better choice.  It may be difficult for many of us, but nonetheless a crucial task that will determine the course of our future.

  1. Is the candidate/party one of good moral standing, in particular with regard to the values of honesty and integrity?
  2. Does the candidate/party uphold the principles that are enshrined in the Singapore Pledge, namely, justice, equality, progress, peace and harmony?
  3. Does the candidate/party promote a culture of life and dignity of the human person?
  4. Does the candidate/party work to preserve and promote moral values?
  5. Does the candidate/party protect and care for the weak, elderly, under-privileged, and those with special needs?
  6. Does the candidate/party protect and support marriages and family life?
  7. Does the candidate/party build an inclusive society, free from oppression and discrimination?
  8. Is the candidate/party in touch with the needs of the people and demonstrate selfless service, putting the nation before self?

The above is an excerpt from Archbishop William Goh’s “Preparing for General Election 2015”