FREE Training: Discover Your Attraction Code

Discover the secrets Master NLP Trainer James Leong shared with some of the Top Dating Coaches!  The Enneagram is also a dynamic and proven system for SELF-MASTERY and it truthfully reveals your Key Motivations and Unique Attraction Code!


Today, major psychological institutions in the US and Europe accept the Enneagram as a scientifically ‘valid and reliable’ personality profiling instrument with ‘solid psychometrics’.”

~ Professor (Dr) Rebecca Newgent, University of Akron



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In this Intensive FREE 3-Hour Workshop, you will…

1. The different values, beliefs natural talents of each personality type
2. How to Recover the Key to Your Heart and Attract the Right Type into your life 
3. The characteristics of each Enneagram Personality Style and understanding your Unique Attraction Code


The Enneagram Personality Profiling System (EPPS) is used by organizations such as the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.), the Federal Reserve Bank and major New York head-hunting firms.


 The Enneagram categories are based on human psychology… It lets practitioners see what makes themselves and others tick in the business world, as well as in personal relationships.”

~ Newsweek


This is a highly experiential workshop designed to provide a practical, working understanding of the Enneagram and NLP in order to improve your relationship with your partner or to attract the right person into your life!


About Your Trainer James Leong…

James Leong with Malaysian

Astronaut Datuk Dr Sheikh (right)

Master Trainer in NLP
(Systemic, NLP New Coding and Third Generation NLP)
NLP University, USA
Co-Developer of The Excellerated Life Coaching Program

Certified Transformational Entrepreneur

Accredited IEA Enneagram Teacher
Professional Member of The International Enneagram Association (IEA), USA 

Founder and Principal Trainer
Excellerated Excellence LLP

Director and Co-Founder of CJ Empowerment Pte Ltd
(A Ministry of Manpower Licensed Employment Agency)


Since 1997, James has trained delegates ranging from Directors to frontline personnel from Singapore, Australia, USA, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.  Over the years, James has successfully trained Sales Professionals like the following in Applications of NLP and Enneagram in the areas of Leadership and Sales:

1. Mr. Lionel Ng (Divisional Director of Dennis Wee Group, Property)

2. Mr. David Lim (Acting Honorary Secretary in the Executive Committee of “Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore”. Mr. Lim is also a Financial Services Director with Prudential Singapore)


In addition, James is also a Master Executive Coach & Consultant to Executives and Bank Traders (from banks like Societe Generale).


James has also extensive sales experience.  In the second month he join a certain USA Direct Sales Company in 2005, he achieved an outstanding organizational sales volume that exceeds US$60,000 and attained the rank of “Team Director”!  But more importantly, he has helped dozens of individuals reach significant leadership positions and income levels.  As a leader, he understand the need to recognize, excite, and coach my people so that they will become empowered themselves.