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James Leong International’s Stellar Track Record

  1. Established in 2001
  2. First NLP Institute in the world to seamlessly integrate the “Enneagram Personality Profiling System” used by the C.I.A. into their Basic NLP Practitioner program
  3. Trained the most number of Ministry of Defense Singapore Army Officers in NLP, Enneagram Personality Profiling System and Leadership
  4. Trained Singapore’s first group of Ministry of Education School Counselors in NLP and the Enneagram Personality Profiling System
  5. Conducts seven (7) NLP Practitioner programs a year since 2005
  6. First NLP Institute in the Asia to conduct the “Certified NLP Business Practitioner Programs” for Professionals and Business Owners
Jeraine Ong
Million Dollar Round Table Member
“I find the NLP Practitioner and Life Coaching Course extremely useful in my work as a trainer in my organization. The systematic approach used in the course has made the concepts fun and very easy to understand.The trainers Lance, Raj and James have made the course very lively and interesting. They would give relevant examples that suit every participant’s industry and everyone is also given the opportunity to explore practical applications of the NLP strategies learned through active role playing.I would like to especially commend on the trainers’ level of high commitment that extend beyond the classroom itself. There were a few occasions that the trainers actually attended to me outside of classroom to assist me in developing more effective strategies.In the course, the word “ecology” is emphasized repeatedly to ensure the participants apply the techniques with good intentions. I feel this also reflect the integrity and passions of the trainers in wanting to spread the good of the work to more people.Lastly, a special thanks to James and Lance for generously sharing their knowledge. I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Raj for being always understanding and attentive to my needs and concerns.”

Dr John Heng
Professor, Mechatronics and Design, Nanyang Technological University

“Raj and Lance are two of the most special people I know.  With passion and skill they have shown through the years, they help common people overcome their adversities in their lives and triumph over their challenges.  It is an honour to have Raj and Lance to be in my inner circle of friends. Never judge a book by its cover.   Never judge an organization by its trophies. Judge a person by his spirit.”

Andrew Chow
Champion of Singapore Spirit of Enterprise 2008
“For those of you who wish to master NLP and Life Coaching, please contact Excellerated Excellence. They are the Best Teachers of Life Coaching in Singapore today!”
Winston Yap
ERA Realty Network’s Top ERA Property Consultant
“James, Raj and Lance Inspired and Super-Charged Me! After attending their program, I became the highest income earner for the month of April 2009 in ERA… My commission was OVER $100,000!  The trio’s incredible understanding of human nature and how the mind works makes them the ultimate Success Coaches. They know what it takes to help individuals excel and win! The program is certainly worth fifty times the amount I paid for!”
Mr. Juraimy Abu Bakar
School Teacher and Nominee for the “President’s Award for Teachers 2009″
“Excellerated Excellence is a unique programme that endevours to enable its participants acquire not only a sound framework of NLP modalities but also a working knowledge of its application in varying contexts. Excellerated Excellance has artfully blend the science and art of NLP system with Enneagram profiling, an innovation that clearly underscored the coaches’ robust understanding of our behavioural construct. James, Raj and Lance, are a team of very dedicated coaches who saw it their duty to personally ensure that their course attendants possess more than just an adequate working knowledge of NLP. Despite the level of expertise they possess, they never once were dogmatic nor territorial of their knowledge. Without compromising the rigours of NLP techniques, they have constantly nurtured in their participants the courage to continually develop the skills learnt through the course by incorporating other disciplines and professional practice.Through my observation, I have concluded that it must certainly be a dogged passion of theirs to dedicate hours of intensive labour and expertise through the mentoring programme – yet another innovation of theirs – long after the course has ended. The mentoring programme aims at ensuring the continued successful and rigorous application NLP practice with the support of fellow practitioners. Therein lies the critical contribution the trio has made to NLP.Their innovative approach to training and mentoring reflects a committed effort and belief on their part towards creating a community of accomplished and competent practitioners who shall continue to honour the support they have given to each other since day one of the course. In my estimation, what the programme has also succeeded in doing is also in inculcating the value of striving to uphold the ecological ethics of NLP practice without being distracted by personal vainglory.My life has been doubly enriched by what the course has offered me. One, for giving me the insight to my weakness and two, for giving me the skills to create new programmes that I can myself practice to achieve excellence; and to do so ethically.”
Samson Zee
Show Host, Emcee & Motivational Speaker
“This is the BEST NLP Program I have attended and it has changed my life tremendously! After graduating from the program, my trainer James Leong recommended I contact one of his associates and 2 days later, I got a job as a trainer, appeared on national TV, the newspapers and on radio! It was amazing!Although I have attended other trainings before, none of them even come close to the level of attention and professionalism that Excellerated Excellence offers. Their program even comes with a ‘ONE-YEAR Active Mentoring Support’ found no where else. It’s just fantastic! I thoroughly recommend James and his programs.”
Freddy Wee
Success Power Trainer & Life Coach
“I have attended other NLP Trainings before, but Excellerated Excellence’s certification is in a league by itself!  Even though I have been a trainer for a number of years, I am totally impressed that this training has lifted me to a whole new level.Raj, Lance, and James, your highly personalized guidance, patience, dedication, sincerity, and generosity in imparting the NLP skills and knowledge have given me much greater clarity in my personal and professional goals.  And more importantly, by applying and experiencing the results first hand, I have become a confident and competent Trainer and Life Coach. I will always endorse and recommend your NLP Programs.”
Mr. Lee Seng Meng Senior Social Worker Mr. Lee was also award the Prestigious “ComCare Social Worker Award” in 2009 by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports


“I want to thank James Leong for conducting the awe inspiring ‘NLP Practitioner & Life Coaching Program’! His powerful combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Healing Intervention, Enneagram Profiling and Coaching is found nowhere else! Most importantly, these are practical skills that I can easily incorporate into my counseling sessions with my clients. I highly recommend this program to individuals who would like to effect positive changes in others.”