Master Trainer in NLP Lance Ong Portrait
(Systemic and NLP New Coding, Third Generation NLP)
NLP University
.Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Anthropology) University of Melbourne.

Certified in Coaching and Modeling with NLP

NLP University


Diploma in Marketing


Member of the NLP Global Training Consultancy

inaugurated year 2000


Co-Developer of the

Excellerated Life Coaching Program

Lance enables his clients (in Singapore and Australia) to better understand and manage their professional and personal lives. By coaching his clients on how to develop sound life strategies, enhance their interpersonal communication skills, and effectively analyze and understand personal choices, he guides his clients to reach their fullest potentials.

To date, he has helped many individuals and couples overcome their limitations through his private practice.


“Lance’s Coaching Made
Me Believe in Myself…”

“I came into this session not believing that I will be able to fulfill my life’s purpose. However, Lance’s coaching made me believe in myself, believe in my goals and more importantly equipped me with the skills to take that step into the future. He reaffirmed my beliefs and gave me the push I need to work towards my goals.”  ~  Wu Si Hao, Singapore Naval Officer

Lance has also studied extensively with luminaries in the fields of NLP and Modeling like Robert Dilts, associate professor at the ISVOR Fiat School of Management and the Founder of NLP University.  His other teachers include the Co-Developers and Luminaries of NLP such as Suzi Smith (Developer of and Trainer in the NLP Health Certification Training), Judith Delozier, and Dr. Sid Jacobson (Master Trainer of Ericksonian Hypnosis).

Lance and Robert Dilts

Lance learned Systemic NLP directly from Professor Robert Dilts, Judith Delozier, and Deborah Bacon Dilts in Santa Cruz, California. Some of the schools and businesses Lance has conducted workshops and training programs for are:

  1. Singapore Armed Forces
  2. Republic Polytechnic
  3. Singapore Polytechnic
  4. Temasek Polytechnic
  5. Asia Pacific Breweries (Tiger Beer)
  6. Yokogawa Corporation
  7. Singapore Social Development Unit
  8. Mind Sports Organization