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James with Malaysian Astronaut Datuk Dr Sheikh

James Leong with Malaysian Astronaut Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

Master of Business Administration (Merit)
.  …
SME500 Award Winner
Master Trainer of NLP 
(Systemic, NLP New Coding and Third Generation NLP)
 NLP University, USA
Certified Transformational Entrepreneur
Accredited IEA Enneagram Teacher 
Professional Member of The International Enneagram Association (IEA), USA
LAB Profile Practitioner
Director and Co-Founder of CJ Empowerment Pte Ltd
 (A Ministry of Manpower Licensed Employment Agency)


A pioneer in life and executive coaching using the Enneagram and NLP, James Leong is the first to bring Dr Claudio Naranjo’s Psychology of the 27 Enneagram Personality Types to Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

James is also a Master Trainer in NLP personally trained by the Co-Developers of NLP, Mr. Robert Dilts and Ms. Judith DeLozier.  James’ unique strength is in his ability to model the successful strategies of NLP Master Trainers and luminaries like Richard Bandler, Dr John Grinder, Dr Sid Jacobson, Judith DeLozier, Robert Dilts, Anne Linden, Steve Andreas and Suzi Smith.  His Enneagram Executive Coach Certification Program is also the only Enneagram program in Asia to be accredited by the prestigious International Enneagram Association.

James with Robert & Deborah Dilts
James Leong with NLP Master Trainer Robert Dilts at the University of California, Santa Cruz
(The Birthplace of NLP)


Our NLP Master Trainer, James Leong, is the First in the World to complete a MBA Dissertation on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Enneagram Personality Profiling System.
In his dissertation are the results (from objective Controlled Experiments) and statistics to scientifically validate the efficacy of Third Generation NLP in alleviating in alleviating stress of the 9 Enneagram Types. 
James with Eugene Loh
James Leong International offers a Four-in-One Certification Program with Two Years of Skill-Building and Mentoring Privilege!
Also, his Business NLP Practitioner Program is the ONLY one in the world to be validated by the Adams State University!.
James is also well regarded as an expert in Leadership and the Psychology of the Enneagram by the media, which explains his regular appearance on both Malaysia’s BFM 89.9 The Business Station and Singapore’s 93.8 LIVE. 
 James Leong with Eugene Loh of 93.8 LIVE


James with Dr Naranjo
James Leong is also personally trained by the eminent Dr Claudio Naranjo, Father of the Modern Enneagram. .
Dr Naranjo is a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, and Visiting Fulbright Scholar at Harvard University’s Center for Studies of Personality in 1962.  He is also one of the three successors named by Fritz Perls (Founder of Gestalt Therapy).


For enquires and registration, please call our center at:

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Lionel Ng Testimonial

Since 1997, James has trained delegates ranging from Directors to frontline personnel from Singapore, Australia, USA, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.  Over the years, James has successfully trained Sales Professionals like the following in Applications of NLP and Enneagram in the areas of Leadership and Sales:

1. Mr. Lionel Ng, President (Agency) Dennis Wee Group, Property

2. Mr. David Lim, Acting Honorary Secretary in the Executive Committee of “Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore”.  Mr. Lim is also a Financial Services Director with Prudential Singapore

In addition, James is also a Master Executive Coach & Consultant to Executives and Bank Traders (from banks like Societe Generale).  James has also extensive sales experience. In the second month he join a certain USA Direct Sales Company in 2005, he achieved an outstanding organizational sales volume that exceeds US$60,000 and attained the rank of “Team Director”!  But more importantly, he has helped dozens of individuals reach significant leadership positions and income levels.  As a leader, he understand the need to recognize, excite, and coach my people so that they will become empowered themselves.  

James Leong is also the first NLP Master Trainer invited by the “Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore” (IFPAS) to conduct trainings in Enneagram and Sales.


Get MORE Success With James Leong!

James Leong teaching NLP and the Enneagram at The Social Enterprise Association
…… Master NLP Trainer James Leong training the Social Entrepreneurs of the Social Enterprise Association  ……


James was also a former Volunteer Befriender for more than three years at the Family Service Centre, TRANS Centre.  He is familiar with Brief Therapies like Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Provocative Therapy.  In addition, he has trained the most number of Army Officers and Ministry of Education School Counselors in Leadership, NLP and the Enneagram Personality Profiling System (used by Stanford Business School).  Many of his students include medical and psychological professionals, including psychologists, and social workers.


james leong PSME2013> 

James has also worked with organizations and executives from

1) International SOS (The leading provider of professional medical & security consultancy, emergency assistance and outsourced customer care services. Their client base includes Fortune Global Top 100 and Global Top 500 multinational corporations)

2) Cicom Singapore Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of “Cicom International, Inc” in Japan that specializes in Global Human Resources Development

3) ESIS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, part of the ACE Group of Companies (USA)

4) Ministry of Education’s School Counselors

5) Saint Louis University

6) National University of Singapore

7) Nanyang Technological University

8 ) Student Care Services

9) IBM

10) Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd

11) Tyco International

12) Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore (IFPAS)

13) Synergy Worldwide (USA Direct Sales Company)

14) Unicity (USA Direct Sales Company)

15) Skyquestcom Global Pte Ltd (International Direct Sales Company)

16) DHL

17) Merial Asia Pte Ltd — A subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc.

18) Scicom (MSC) Berhad — A NASDAQ listed company

19) Online Trading Academy (The American cutting-edge trading school focusing on stock trading, forex trading, options trading and e-mini trading education)

20) Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd

18) Ministry of Education’s School Counselors

19) Saint Louis University

20) National University of Singapore

21) KPMG


NLP Master Trainer James Leong conducting the Mental Resilience Training for Soldiers


“Besides being validated by the Stanford Business School as a statistically sound profiling system that is used in the areas of personal development, the Enneagram is also a great tool for spiritual growth.  The synergistic combination of the Enneagram and NLP has certainly helped my clients achieve more lasting transformations.” ~ James Leong


What Others Say…

“James Leong’s willingness and generosity to share his wealth of insights and sales experiences have made him a much sought after trainer.  He is indeed one of the BEST Sales Trainers and Success Coaches in Singapore!”
Danny Here, Former General Manager, Synergy Worldwide
“James, I want to thank you for the excellent learning opportunity.  Understanding my Enneagram style and preferences has been most profoundly impactful! Now I know how to draw out and maximize the strengths in myself and my colleagues.”
Juan Ramirez, Business Services Technology Manager (APAC), Merial Asia Pacific Region


He also brings a wealth of practical, real life leadership expertise and presence into every coaching, training and consulting relationship.  As the former Managing Director of one of Singapore’s fastest growing event management companies, his guiding philosophy is: “You improve the bottom line by focusing on the people side of business.”  To his fellow NLP Master Trainers in the USA and UK, because of his dedication in making the latest Third Generation NLP technology relevant to Business, Leadership and Executive Coaching, James Leong is affectionately know as the “The NLP Singapore Guy” as well as “Innovator of NLP.”  James insists on upholding The Gold Standard in Business NLP Singapore!  His Business NLP Practitioner Program (which includes Mentoring after one graduates from his program) is MORE THAN 200 Hours!!!


Dr James Leong Leading an Enneagram WorkshopJames Leong leading an Enneagram workshop