Gloria Leung

Certified NLP Trainer

(NLP University, USA)


BBA (Hons) – Majoring in Human Resources Management


Postgraduate Certificate Psychology

University of Hong Kong


Certified Thiagi Interactive Training Strategies Trainer


Certified Meta Coach

International Society of Neuro-Semantics


Gloria believes that an excellent work performance is just a by-product of a well-balanced life. Being a corporate trainer and executive coach, Gloria is full of passion on people development. Over 14 years experience in organizational development area, she has been providing training and executive coaching services to different clients from various industries in Hong Kong, US, Singapore, China and Macau.


Gloria Leung graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a BBA (Hon) degree, majoring in Human Resources Management. She is also a Certified NLP Trainer (NLPU) in US.  Miss Leung worked for a professional training consultancy company which had branches in China, Macau and Hong Kong. They served their clients in different cities, such as Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Panyu, Shanghai, Beijing with training workshops and coaching service.  Those clients were from a variety of different industries: advertising, telecommunication, chain restaurants, retail, FMCG, manufacturing and civil engineering.


She was the Regional Training Manager (China Region) of an MNC, serving seven operations in five cities with more than four thousand employees. She was responsible for employee training and development strategy, as well as conducting professional management training. Therefore, she is well experienced in training and coaching with a wide variety of people in different cities throughout HK & PRC.


Meanwhile, she is the founder and principal trainer of Synergy Plus Training & Consultancy Ltd. Also she was invited to be associate trainer for many different training consultancy companies in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Macau.  For the last few years, she was active in organizing charity workshop for youngsters to support them to be more confident.  She delivered communication and image workshops for tertiary institutes as well as NGO.


Gloria is good at turning abstract ideas into simple metaphors which are so inspiring that support her clients to transform effortlessly.  Her coaching and training are energized with her extensive experience in coaching, psychological academic background and NLP technique. Because of Gloria’s excellent rapport building and passion, her clients enjoyed very much working with Gloria and also were very satisfied with their outcomes. Gloria is a diversified trainer who started sharing NLP knowledge via an online radio program called NLP Café ( which is the most popular program in Dynamix Media.


Flagship Program Other Programs
1) Joy Care Factor – EDtS..2) NLP Applications

  • Communication
  • Selling Techniques
  • Excellent Customer Services
  • Stress Management
  • Emotion Management


3) Experiential Training

  • Teambuilding
  • Leadership
  • Change Management
1) Management Development

  • Time Management
  • Coaching for Management
  • People Process
  • Process Management
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Change Management


Her Served Clients

–       ABC Telecom

–       Alpha Logistics (HK) Ltd.

–       BAO Toy

–       Bayer Business Services

–       Bayer Materials Science

–       BASF

–       CM Concept

–       Cash Financial Services Group

–       China Motion Telecom (Shenzhen)

–       CITIC

–       Consumer Search

–       Convoy Financial Services Ltd.

–       Core Pacific – Yamaichi International (HK) Ltd.

–       Macau Productivity & Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM)

–       Macau Police

–       Macau Custom

–       Macau Women’s Association

–       Mother Choice’s

–       Daily Hotpot Restaurant

–       Dfk International

–       Delifrance (Hong Kong) Ltd.

–       Federation of Hong Kong Industries

–       French Chamber of Commence in Hong Kong

–       Ecco

–       Education and Youth Affairs Bureau in Macau

–       Emerson Electric

–       Germany Chamber of Commence in Hong Kong

–       Hantec International Finance Group Ltd.

–       Hong Kong Baptist University

–       HK Institute of Vocational and Education

–       Hong Kong International Coaching Community

–       Hong Kong Management Association

–       Hovione

–       Instituto Para Os Assuntos Ciicos E Municipais

–       InvestHK

–       i-Vision  (Cheung Kong Holding)

–       Junior Chamber International HK

–       KCR Partnership Advertisement (Guangzhou)

–       Konica Minolta Business Solutions

–       Kraft China

–       Lloyd’s Bank

–       Lucent Technology

–       Macquarie Global Property Advisors

–       Macau Custom Department

–       Marina Bay Sands

–       Maunsell AECOM

–       Menzies Macau Airport Services Ltd.

–       Milton Exhibition

–       Miele

–       Mother’s Choice

–       MTR Corporate

–       Namsoon (HK) Ltd

–       Nulife

–       Nypro China

–       Okia Optical Company Ltd.

–       Pine Technology Holdings Ltd.

–       Solomon Systech Limited

–       Somfy Greater China

–       Spectrum Brands, Inc.

–       Robusta

–       Reuters

–       Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

–       Shanghai Volkswagen Powertrain Co.Ltd.

–       VTC – Hong Kong MDC

–       Water Supplies Department (HKSAR)

–       West True Dragon Transportation (Guangzhou) Ltd.

–       YWCA